The Truth About Dangerous Supplements | Find out Tonight


This popular female supplement has an ingredient that has been linked to Psychotic Events. Wanna know more? Come to tonight's Spine & Wine event and listen to a short 15-20 minute discussion on Vitamins and Supplements and what you need to know to protect yourself! Dr. Daniel will be discussing his 5 step system for [...]

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Artificial Sweeteners | 13000 times sweeter than sugar!


STUDY PROVES IT: Zero-Calorie Sweeteners Just As Bad As Sugar (Perhaps Even Worse) At Packing on FAT... AND A HOST OF OTHER HEALTH PROBLEMS! Nowadays, many individuals turn to artificial sweeteners as a substitute for their sugar fix. What most of the public isn’t aware of is how dangerous these chemicals have been demonstrated to [...]

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Measles Vaccine Shmeasles | The Measles Scare of 2015


Don't accept out of hand the alarms raised by the same people who say your food is safe, Swine Flu and Ebola were going to kill us, vaccines are without costs, and the pharmaceutical industry is working for your benefit. Just like we are all supposed to be dead from Ebola... ''The Measles" is comin [...]

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Are You Magnesium Deficient?


Are you feeling run down, irritable and experience chronic stiffness? Do you find it hard to get a good night's sleep... Or do you find yourself tossing and turning with legs that ache… If so, there's a very good chance you may be deficient in magnesium! Magnesium deficiency has become one of the biggest mineral deficiencies of [...]

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This Makes You Fat & Diabetic


How This Chemical Makes You Fat & Diabetic I spent most of my adult life (ages 18 – 29) living in apartments on a budget. Like other downtown condo-living natives, this meant all of my home furnishings came from IKEA, Target and Walmart – because let’s face it, they are affordable and yet trendy. What I [...]

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The Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments


The Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments New Research is proving chiropractic adjustments benefit the body. Although millions benefit from chiropractic care by reducing or eliminating headaches, neck pain, back pain, sciatica and low back pain, many more benefit from a chiropractors approach to health. There are a lot of misconceptions about chiropractic and how chiropractors are trained. In [...]

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