Functional Medicine

Chronic disease is spreading and conventional medicine is failing at stopping it. Have you ever been to a doctor – had blood tests, X-rays or other diagnostic tests – only to be told “all your tests are normal?” Yet, both you and your doctor know you’re suffering. It's time you get to the bottom of your health care problems and a Functional Medicine approach can help.

Best Functional Medicine Doctor in Austin, TX

As a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Daniel has helped thousands of people to improve their health using functional nutrition, health coaching and targeted nutritional intervention.

Using a combination of advanced laboratory testing, history and a deep dive into your overall health and symptoms, he can guide you in a collaborative, holistic and healing-focused approach to better health.

If it sounds different than what you’ve experienced in a conventional setting as a patient or practitioner, that’s because it is. Our current medical model can’t stop the chronic disease epidemic, the biggest health threat we face today; it was never designed to. But Functional Medicine can, precisely because its methodology addresses the root cause of chronic illness to foster real wellness in its patients, as well as its clinicians.

Functional Medicine Benefits

Who Can Benefit from Functional Medicine?

Have you ever visited your doctor, been treated and still feel sick? Or are you on medication that is only partially helping or has side effects?

That’s when you should consider trying functional medicine.

Patients with a wide variety of conditions can benefit by improving their personal fitness, nutritional status and lifestyle.

Dr. Daniel does not treat any specific medical condition.

Rather, his goal it to identify deficiencies, toxicities and behavior patterns, that all too often contribute to the development of various diseases and conditions.

The following conditions can all be supported via dietary, targeted nutrition and lifestyle intervention:

  • Cardiometabolic conditions – blood sugar problems, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease
  • Neurological and psychiatric conditions – depression, attention deficit disorder and migraine headaches
  • Digestive disorders – irritable bowel syndrome, candida, parasitic infections, ulcers, chronic pancreatitis, acid reflux and diverticulosis
  • Autoimmune diseases – hashimoto's thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and celiac disease
  • Skin disorders – psoriasis, acne and eczema
  • Hormonal problems – thyroid conditions, low testosterone, estrogen dominance, PCOS, chronic fatigue and menopause
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How Does It Work?

We guarantee this type of service is going to be completely different than what you have ever experienced working with a doctor.

Because of that, Dr. Daniel works virtually via phone and or video consults – with every single functional medicine patient. What's convenient about this process is that you don't have to travel, sit in traffic or wait in a busy office for your appointment.

This allows Dr. Daniel to spend as much time as he needs to deeply understanding what is happening in your body.

If you're interested in seeing how this works, then consider scheduling a Free Consult with Dr. Daniel.

If you choose to move forward with Functional Medicine, you'll get access to a Private Patient Portal and begin the process of optimizing your health.

Dr. Daniel starts his assessments with a comprehensive intake form so you can begin sharing not only your health symptoms, but diet, exercise patterns, traumas, lifestyle and any exposures to toxins.

Next, you'll collaborate on coming up with a plan to address the underlying causes of your health problems. This includes searching for factors that might affect how your body is functioning, including:

  • Personal Biochemistry and Genetic makeup
  • Lifestyle choices such as diet, activity and stress
  • Environmental influences (such as exposure to toxins)

Dr. Daniel likes to start with an analysis of your current diet and lifestyle as well as comprehensive blood chemistry testing. From there, he can determine if additional testing is necessary.

The key is not just changing your diet and lifestyle, but figuring out your personalized diet and lifestyle based on your unique biochemistry; one that your body thrives at. And this can be completely different for each and every one of us.

Functional medicine is the map — the GPS system — that we use to navigate the landscape of chronic disease.

A disease can have more than one imbalance that needs to be treated.

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Ready to Get Started with Functional Medicine?

Each one of our patients has come to realize the care we deliver in our office is UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT. Our methodical approach, personal relationships, and most importantly, outstanding results set us apart from most chiropractic and medical offices.

1. Sign up for Dr. Daniel's Functional Medicine Membership

The First Step is always the Hardest.

Dr. Daniel's Functional Medicine Membership plan is easy and affordable. Why?

Because he got tired of patients saying that only “Wealthy People” could benefit from Functional Medicine.

Searching online, you'll likely find that most Functional Medicine Doctors charge between $500 to $1500 for the initial visit alone.

Dr. Daniel wants to change that. His membership is $149/month and there's no contract or long term commitment.

If your insurance covers lab testing, great! If insurance doesn't cover testing, then members will get discounted lab tests.

Your membership includes:

  • All Lab Interpretations/Protocols/Treatment Plans
  • All Phone/Video Consults
  • Unlimited Email/Text Support
  • Discounts on labs not covered by insurance

2. Access Your Online Private Patient Portal

Begin the process of sharing your story…

As soon as you become a member, you will get access to Dr. Daniel's Functional Medicine portal. Here, Dr. Daniel will share with you a few forms to fill out and give you specific instruction on what types of health information he will need to proceed with your care.

3. Receive Personalized Testing Recommendations

Test, Don't Guess with your Health.

The most basic form of testing and analysis starts with a comprehensive health history analysis, analysis of your diet and lifestyle and a few health markers that you can start tracking on your own. But if you're serious about your health, then the next step is a comprehensive blood chemistry panel.

A comprehensive blood chemistry panel allows Dr. Daniel to do a series of calculations and analyses, unlike any blood chemistry analysis you've ever had, to determine nutritional deficiencies, biochemical imbalances and identify what major body systems are imbalanced.

From here, you can start making the right choices to improve your overall health.

4. Comprehensive Ongoing Assessments

Accelerate Your Treatment Through Periodic Refinement

From the very first session, you'll start learning more about your body and why it probably hasn't been responding to any previous treatments. Moving forward, Dr. Daniel will continue to monitor changes in your health and use this information to adjust your treatment plan and recommendations.

5. Correction of the Underlying Issue

Health is not something you simply arrive at and say you're done.

Health is a process and continuously evolving at different stages in your life. A specific diet may have worked for you in your 20's and this diet could be completely wrong for you in your 40's. With a deeper understanding of your current biochemistry and evolving, unique needs, you can absolutely correct underlying health issues and continue to live your best life.

Still not Convinced Functional Medicine is for You?

You may be feeling any of these things:

Your concern: This is going to be too expensive!

Functional Medicine with Dr. Daniel is less than $4 per day. That's hardly expensive and most Americans spend more than that on their morning cup of coffee.

Health is certainly not a topic that we should place a price tag on, but in this case, Functional Medicine with Dr. Daniel is priceless.

Your concern: I don’t have time for this…

The best part of working with Dr. Daniel is that you can have consults with him from home. These visits would be similar to sitting knee to knee in an office, but from the convenience of home or work.

Dr. Daniel offer's both phone and video consults (generally between 30-60 minutes). It's easy, quick and definitely fits the busiest work schedules!

Start Treating the Root Cause of Your Health Problem

It’s time you start living your life on your own terms. Family Health Chiropractic in Austin, TX is here to help, with the best Functional Medicine treatments, personalized care, and the health outcomes you’ve been waiting for.