This popular female supplement has an ingredient that has been linked to Psychotic Events.

Wanna know more?

Come to tonight’s Spine & Wine event and listen to a short 15-20 minute discussion on Vitamins and Supplements and what you need to know to protect yourself!

Dr. Daniel will be discussing his 5 step system for identifying a GOOD vitamin from a BAD vitamin.  Come and learn how to pick out a dud from any store aisle and stop throwing away your money on supplements that don’t work or worse, wreck havoc in your body.

According to the FDA, there have been numerous adverse reporting events when taking a popular supplement.

“Neuropsychotic Events have been reported when individuals consume products that contain…”

Warning: Your Multi-Vitamin Could Be Poisoning You! There are 5 ingredients that Dr. Daniel looks for to determine whether it’s good or bad.

Millions of people believe that taking a daily multi-vitamin is a healthy act. And it can be. However… not all multi-vitamins are created equal, and not all of them are safe!

In fact, the majority of multivitamin supplements being sold in the marketplace are just plain crap. This is true even for many that are sold in “health food” stores.

paperbackstack_550x498If you don’t have time to stop by and listen to this important, and timely discussion, then you can pick up a copy of Dr. Daniel’s new 30 page report by clicking here: Are your Multivitamins Poisoning You?

  • A multivitamin contaminant that could be lodging itself inside you and your family’s nervous system
  • Learn about the results of 38 leading multivitamin brands and whether they contain what they claim on the label?
  • How to avoid being a sucker and what to look for in a good multivitamin.
  • The “NATURAL” fallacy and the IMPORTANT differences between food-based and synthetic vitamins .
  • The 5 things I personally look for when reading multivitamin labels to make sure it’s legit!
  • What are the 4 important vitamins and supplements that even healthy people need to be taking?


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