It's crazy to me how so many people laugh at the idea of someone wanting to eat healthy and avoid junk food.  In my circle of family and friends, I can see eyes rolling and people joking about “How we're all gonna die anyway.” or “It's my body, I'll eat what I want” or “You only live once!”.  That's a straight fool to think that.  Your decisions hurt “everyone”, it's your body given to you by God and Yes, you only live once- make it count the right way.And it isn't until someone has a heart attack, gets cancer or develops a heart breaking neurodegenerative disease that the ridiculing stops.  Then they ask why this is happening?  We all know that eating junk food is bad.  What's crazy is that we continue to do it anyway.  Here's a pretty good article on why we crave junk food:

Austin Chiropractor Discusses Junk Food