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When: Wednesday, June 19 at 07:00 PM CDT


Heart disease is the #1 killer of our time. And modern medicine with all its technology and medications–with their emphasis on lowering cholesterol and blood pressure–have it all wrong.


Myth–High cholesterol is the cause of heart disease. Fact–Cholesterol is only a minor player in the cascade of inflammation which is a cause of heart disease.

Myth–High cholesterol is a predictor of heart attack. Fact–There is no correlation between cholesterol and heart attack.

Myth– Lowering cholesterol with statin drugs will prolong your life. Fact– There is no data to show that statins have a significant impact on longevity.

Myth– Statin drugs are safe. Fact– Statin drugs can be extremely toxic including causing death.

Myth– Blood Pressure drugs are useful in men, women and the elderly. Fact– Blood Pressure drugs do not work alone!

Myth– Normal Blood Pressure means you are safe from strokes or heart attacks Fact– More people have strokes and heart attacks with normal blood pressure than ever before!

Myth– Saturated fat is dangerous. Fact– Saturated fats are not dangerous. The killer fats are the transfats from partially hydrogenated oils.

Myth– The higher the cholesterol, the shorter the lifespan. Fact– Higher cholesterol protects you from gastrointestinal disease, pulmonary disease and hemorrhagic stroke.

Myth– A high carbohydrate diet protects you from heart disease. Fact– Simple processed carbs and sugars predispose you to heart disease.

Myth– Fat is bad for your health. Fact– Monounsaturated and saturated fats protect you from metabolic syndrome. Sugar is the foe in cardiovascular disease.

Myth– There is good (HDL) cholesterol and bad (LDL) cholesterol. Fact– This is over-simplistic. You must fractionate LDL and HDL to assess the components.

Myth– Cholesterol causes heart disease. Fact– Cholesterol is only a theory in heart disease and only the small component of LP(a) or “bb shot” LDL predisposes one to oxidation and inflammation.