Are you happy with the way you look in the mirror?

If not, I know exactly how you may feel because I was there.  For most of my life as a child and teenager I didn't have the body I wanted.  I was overweight and despite what I ate or how much i worked out- things didn't seem to change.

That's why we created the DNA Formula Detox & Weight Loss System.

This weight loss program offers medically supervised weight loss options which are FDA approved. Whether you are interested in the complete system or just want something to enhance your existing program, we've got you covered.

Here's a summary of the system:

1) Labwork that consists of updating your metabolic panel, lipids, glucose and blood cells.

2) Vitamin & Mineral analysis to identify deficiencies.

3) Assessment of biometrics including BMI, total body weight, fat percentage and muscle percentage.

4) Weekly meal plans, grocery lists and updates sent directly to your inbox.

5) Doctor recommended supplements that target nutrient deficiencies, increase energy and repair metabolism.