Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise consists of specific, prescribed exercises that correct muscle imbalances, improve musculoskeletal function, or maintain a state of well-being.


Why Would I Need Therapeutic Exercise?

Following a comprehensive biomechanical and structural analysis of your body – we are able to pin point exactly what muscles you should strengthen and what muscles you shoul not.

If you feel that you have problems with over contracted muscles, tendons or fascia – then you can benefit from Therapeutic Exercise. Additionally, while chiropractic adjustments works to improve mobility and protect your spinal cord; it's equally important to “retrain” your muscles. Our therapeutic & corrective exercises will help to improve circulation, coordination, balance and relaxation of your muscles.

Regardless of what physical shape you might be in- the primary goal of therapeutic exercise is to help the body reduce pain and inflammation. Once this is achieved, the exercise program can then focus on improving range of motion and rebuilding muscle strength and endurance.