Sleep disorders affect millions of Americans, but too often they go unrecognized by both patients and physicians. As many as one third of all adults experience insomnia, and two to four percent of middle-aged adults may have significant breathing disorders during sleep. Other less common sleep disorders include narcolepsy, nocturnal movement disorders, and sleep-walking or other unusual behaviors.

chiropractor-in-austin-sleep-problemsCauses of sleep disorders are varied and range from serious neurological problems to simple nightmares. Sleep disturbance is any difference in the rate of normal sleep behaviors that can be sleep insomnia, sleeping too much or intermittent. Persistent sleep disturbances are considered a problem because it affects the structure of everyday life and can lead to serious deficiencies in the body and mind. Sleep disorders can be divided into dysomnias, parasomnias and others, based on the symptoms of sleep disorders. Some sleep disorders The most common include insomnia, bruxism, sleep apnea, night walking, and snoring. The causes of sleep disorders are very significant and unfortunately treatments are rarely focused on healing the underlying cause.

What are the symptoms of sleep disorders?
The symptoms of sleep disorders will vary depending on the person and other contributing factors of this disease. Any of the symptoms of common sleep disorders may be experienced in different intervals. Generally, for acute symptoms of sleep disorders, they are triggered by a specific biological or chemical event that can be resolved easily. However, those who suffer from chronic symptoms may need to balance the chemicals in their brain to manage their health and quality of life. The presence of sleep disorders not only disrupts healthy sleep patterns, but also causes symptoms of anxiety, impaired cognitive functions, hormone, and chemical imbalances and more, which cause a dramatic decline in the sufferer’s health and views in life.

What are the common treatments of sleep disorders?
The traditional approach to the treatment of sleep disorders involves the use of dangerous medications and fixed pressure CPAP.  Although it may seem that such treatments help – research has determined that individuals using sleep medication or CPAP machines do not get more REST than those who choose not to use it.

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