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The world’s first Stem Cell Burger was served up today 8.5.13.  The meat was grown in a laboratory, from cattle stem cells.

Although perfectly round, they pan fried it in sunflower oil (boo) and butter (Yay…unless it was genetically modified as well?

The person who sampled it said it was “close to meat,” and expected it to be softer and as the petri-dish beef contains no fat, it wasn’t very juicy.

Today’s taste test, coming after five years of research, is a key step toward making lab meat a culinary phenomenon.  Like the problems we are having with genetically modified foods, hormone driven foods, pesticide/fungicide laced foods – I really can’t see this being a healthy thing.

It took nearly 20,000 strands to make one 5-ounce patty, which for Monday’s taste test was seasoned with salt, egg powder, breadcrumbs, red beet juice and saffron. The project cost $332,000 (Ludacris!!!!!)



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