How to Cause Depression by Eating Happy Meals

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It’s no secret that fast food is not healthy. There have been many studies done on the results of eating a fast food diet, there was also a very popular documentary, and it has all come to a negative conclusion. Despite this, fast food still remains popular due to being fairly cheap, quick, and easily available. However, the price for convenience could be the loss of not only health but also happiness. Recently, a Spanish study has linked fast food intake to a raised risk for developing depression.

Fast food leads to bad health in general. Although high in calories, fast food is lacking in substantial nutrients. This leads to rapid weight gain without any health benefits. Fast food is even considered to be a leading contributor to childhood obesity since children who are fed a predominately fast food diet consume close to 200 more calories a day. Obesity and depression are solidly linked; when the body is out of shape, it affects mental health and can create negative feelings.

In addition to obesity, fast food is also heavily linked to diabetes. This is caused by the amount of processed sugars contained in most fast food items. Consuming a large amount of processed sugars leads not only to weight gain but over time, can lead to an insulin resistance that results in the formation of diabetes. The rate of Type 2 diabetes occurrence in teenagers has spiked to 15% within the last few decades and fast food consumption is suspected to hold a good part of the blame. Depression is not an uncommon result of illness, especially one as dangerous and life altering as diabetes, and there is a strong connection between the two ailments. 

Teenagers are the most susceptible to experiencing depression caused by a fast food diet. In the teenage years, hormone levels are not stable due to the process of going through puberty. Although a healthy diet can help keep these hormone levels balanced, fast food lacks the nutrients needed to do so. The combination of the imbalance of hormones caused by a poor diet, obesity, and raised risk for diabetes is a potent recipe for depression, especially in teenagers.

Eating fast food occasionally or rarely isn’t healthy but it’s only not detrimental. However, allowing fast food to make up a large portion of a diet will have adverse effect on both physical and mental health. Maintaining a balanced and nutritional diet, including reducing the amount of fast food intake, is essential for keeping a healthy body and a happy mind.

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