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We’ve all been there. Work is piling up, bills aren’t getting paid, kids are super demanding, and your house is a mess. You know you need to relax – really, you do – but feelings of of relaxing actually make you more stressed out. The truth is that taking a bit of “me” time is far from being selfish and if the thought itself gives you anxiety- then that’s called a hint; a symptom that you’re not well. So often, we spend the majority of our time doing what it takes to pay those bills, attend to the needs of a growing family, or handle all sorts of other tasks. When we do this without taking time to tend to our own needs, we’re doing everyone around us a disservice, and we’re not helping ourselves, either. 

With so much effort “Working Out” …make sure you plan on “Working IN” as well.

Take just a little downtime every day and relax deeply for a few moments. Pay attention to personal relationships, and give yourself permission to slow down. These simple changes will enhance your life experience, plus it will help keep you focused when the stakes are high. Breathe, relax, and unwind. You deserve it.

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