Some of the most respected and current research papers on anatomy, physiology and biomechanics helps to prove why Chiropractic adjustments have a great influence on organ function as well as related tissues of the body.

The fact is, Chiropractic adjustments have more to do with whole body health rather than simply managing neck and back pain. Chiropractic care improves the internal functions of the body helping to overcome chronic disease physiology.

Medicine Agrees that Body Chemistry is a Primary Contributor to Health

Balanced chemistry leads to increased function and performance; whereas imbalances in internal chemistry lead to disease. A 2003 study showed that administering a force (just like that of a Chiropractic adjustment) helps regulate cell biochemistry and gene expression. (Say WOW!) This means that a Chiropractic adjustment can help change the health and expression of all cells in the body through biochemistry. From heart rate to breathing, and immunity to fertility, every aspect of body function is directed by body chemistry. Chiropractic adjustments positively change body chemistry and lead to better overall health.

What is Preventing People from Benefiting from Chiropractic Care

The biggest challenge standing in the way of more families experiencing the great benefits of Chiropractic care is a lack of understanding of how powerful the nervous system plays in health.

The Brain and Nervous System Control the Whole Body.

The Spinal cord sends and receives signals to and from the body allowing for healing to occur.

The Spine is the armor and protection of the spinal cord.

A healthy spine = Healthy Signals.

Chiropractic adjustments became well-known for helping with back and neck pain, though early chiropractors knew that a healthy spine and nervous system were capable of so much more.

In fact, the FATHER OF MODERN MEDICINE Hippocrates himself, even stated that we should pay attention to the spine for disease…


Current research and science dramatically impact those old neck and back adages, proving what true Chiropractic science believed all along. As a chiropractor it is my goal and mission to educate my patients, society and other doctors about the value that this profession can bring.

Today, many industrialized cultures continue to adopt a molecular and chemical based approach for health and disease. There is no question that this is not important. The problem is that science and statistics clearly advocate that drugs and surgery provide the most advanced and effective options. To believe that drugs and surgery are your only option for health is downright wrong.

All humans deserve a lifelong opportunity to have their spine and nervous system evaluated on a regular basis by a Chiropractor. A healthier society starts with accessing the power that rests in the hands of Chiropractic care.

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Reference: “Mechanobiology and Diseases of Mechanotransduction” Donald E. Ingber, MD, PhD. Departments of Surgery and Pathology, Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Annals of Medicine. 2003; 35(8), pp.564-77  Accessed from:

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