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…Your spine is Misaligned (subluxated)

Subluxation is when your spine is damaged or misaligned and puts harmful pressure on a portion of your nervous system, which is your lifeline from your brain to your body.  If there is nerve interference in your body, there is no way for the brain to get 100% f its messages to the body to function optimally and or be healthy.  Health is 100% Function and function is determined by your Brain, Nerves and Spine!

…Your diet is full of additives and artificial sweeteners?

Sulfites can cause headaches, nitrates cause cancer, food colorings cause attention problems, aspartame can cause migraines, nerve damage, and cancer, saccharine causes cancer, MSG causes nerve death, sulfur dioxide can cause breathing difficulties, and the list goes on and on.  What is wrong with eating food the way God created it… without additives? Start reading labels and try eating organically!

…Your diet is unhealthy?

The #1 killer in America is heart disease.  This is completely preventable.  There are more obese children in America than ever!  Eat less calorie dense foods, like fruits and vegetables and notice that your cravings for junk food will diminish.

…You smoke

This one is a no brainer.  450,000 Americans die each year from smoking.  1 person dies for every 3,000,000 cigarettes smoked, and it is estimated that 1 BILLION people will die worldwide from smoking in the 21st century.  Give up the cancer sticks or just don’s start!

…You do not exercise

Keep your heart and lungs healthy with regular cardiovascular exercise.  The more cardiovascularly fit you are, the less your heart has to beat to keep you alive.  Decreasing your resting heart rate by just 10 beats per minute equates to 14,400 beats per day, or 5,256,000 beats per year!  At 60 beats per minute, that is like 60 extra days of life for your heart every year!

…Your life is full of stress

Can stress affect us physically?  Think about a person with heart disease in a stressful situation.  The result can lead to a fatal heart attack or a stroke!  When we are stressed, our heart rate and blood pressure increase and our digestive function slows down or stops altogether.

…You drink alcohol regularly

Alcohol kills your liver, period!  Alcohol is a poison to the body which is broken down by your liver.  It is used for sterilization because not even bacteria can live in it.  So why would you want to feed it to your body cells?

…You take medications regularly

All drugs kill – over the counter or prescribed!  Studies show PROPERLY PRESCRIBED Medication kills up to 137,000 Americans every year!  That is like the WorldTradeCenter crashing down every day!  Medications only cover up a symptom or malfunction in the body. Why cover it up?  You wouldn’t cover the engine light on your car with a piece of tape.  Just fix the problem?  Ask you doctor how many of the medications you take you really need.  If you give medication to a healthy person they will get sick. Guess what happens when a sick person takes medication- They get sick too, they just may not feel it!