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What Do You Need Help With?

Moving Better

Do you have joint pains? Bad Posture? Or suffer from a loss of Flexibility?

Advanced Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

We excel in helping people to improve posture, balance and motor coordination. We can help you stay limber, feel more relaxed and prevent spine deterioration.

Eating Better

Do you take in enough nutrients? Are you suffering from nutritional imbalance?

Nutritional Testing & Dietary Counseling

We provide advanced lab analysis to pin point problems and address the “cause” of your symptoms. Don’t guess when you can test!

Thinking Better

Are you tapped out? Are your stress levels eating away at your health and causing disease?

Advanced Stress Management Training & Tools

We can offer several tools to help you manage stress. From meditation and deep breathing to stress testing – we’ve literally got your back!

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Patient Reviews

After visiting multiple chiropractors over the years (for two major back accidents), Dr. Daniel Gonzalez (who goes by “Dr. D”) is the first to give me exercises to actually strengthen the muscles that have been causing so much pain. I am (mostly) out of pain for the first time in four years after being a patient here for only one month.
My family and I have been under Dr. Gonzalez’ care for about five years. We have had the best experience and are feeling, walking, and sleeping better because of his care. His staff is also very friendly, informative, and supportive. An added bonus — the great newsletters! Go see him and you won’t regret it.
I tore a disc in my back two years ago this month. I’ve been to a spine doctor and two physical therapists and they did not help. I finally went to Dr. Dan after a few different people telling me how great he is. I can now say the same thing. He genuinely cares about your complete well-being and takes the time to help you learn it as well.

Chiropractor Austin TX

Everyone wants to feel their best. Unfortunately, very few people ever do. The problem with “feeling” good or “feeling” bad is that it is not a good representation of your current level of health. Regardless of how you feel, Don’t you agree that how your body is working is more important? Our Austin Chiropractic office is successful because we don’t focus on how you feel; but how you function or perform. While many of our patients have come to us for neck pain, back pain and auto or car accident treatments, We have established ourselves as a popular Family Centered Austin Chiropractic Clinic.  Dr. Daniel Gonzalez has cared for thousands of individuals ranging from 2 weeks old to his oldest patient of 102 years!  Together, his new patients, existing patients and community have come to know him as the Austin Chiropractor to see.

chiropractor austin

Call 512-347-8881 or  Click Here to Schedule

Dr. Daniel’s services consist of simple yet effective adjustments that enhance the bodies ability to maintain an elevated state of mental and physical health. His primary goal is to help his patients move better, eat healthy and stay happy. Chiropractic care is just like exercise, important for everyone- not simply those that are sick or unhealthy!

As a chiropractic clinic, we are here to help align your spine and nervous system that address a variety of conditions we treat.  Our chiropractic adjustments are gentle, specific, and affordable.  They are designed to restore normal movement of your spine and optimal function of your nervous system.

If you live in Austin, TX and surrounding areas and are interested in having a consultation or scheduling a Chiropractic examination, call us at 512-347-8881 or schedule online.  Following an initial evaluation, Dr. Daniel will discuss a plan for you and your family to obtain maximum wellness as well as encourage you to participate in any number of challenges, events, recipe nights, advanced workshops, and more all designed to help you easily and effectively apply health and wellness principles to your life.

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