Do you know WHY you feel the way you do?


I realize It's no secret that we are currently in an age of emotional unrest. There's drug addiction, alcoholism, violence in every corner, passive aggressiveness is on the rise (especially on social media) and the overuse and outright abuse of prescription drugs designed to numb our minds of emotional anguish and physical pain continue to [...]

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Low Energy? Three Ways to Erase Fatigue, Tiredness and Exhaustion


Low Energy? Three Ways To Erase Your Fatigue, Tiredness and Exhaustion Forever We all work too hard every once in a while or maybe go a few nights without getting good, quality sleep. That’s just life. Perhaps you have a big test you’re cramming for or maybe a make-it-or-break-it presentation at the office and you’re [...]

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3 Ways I Start My Day to Boost Productivity


If I asked you “Why should you exercise every day?” your answer would likely be… because I want to look good, feel well, or perform at a higher level. Certainly, looking good, feeling good and improving your physiological potential (life) are enough reasons to do it daily. You should exercise (train) because it’s genetically required [...]

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How to Not Let Technology Make You Sick


We are at a point in our lives where distraction is literally rewiring our brains. New studies are finding that the constant inputs from our external environment is having a significant impact on our health. Keep reading if you’re still with me and learn how you can protect yourself! Your attention is constantly blurred with [...]

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Chiropractic Provides Stress Relief


Chiropractic offers Stress Relief Chiropractors often encounter people that will tell them about their previous Chiropractic experience. It is very common for me to hear about all the benefits of chiropractic care. Everything from headaches, neck pain and back pain; to improvements in sleeping, digestion, stress relief, energy and hormone balance. It's also interesting when [...]

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