5 Reasons You Should Take Your Child to a Chiropractor


Why Do Your Children Need To See A Pediatric Chiropractor? One of the most popular questions I get as a pediatric chiropractor is "Why should children get chiropractic adjustments?" My response is pretty simple: Because children have spines and a nervous system just like adults. And just like when we are older, we want to make sure [...]

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Chiropractic Helps with Asthma


[dcwsb inline="true"] Asthma affects over 17 million Americans and is among our costliest health care burdens.  EPA statistics as of March 2010 indicate that 7.8% of Americans suffer from asthma and that the prevalence of asthma has been increasing in recent years.  Recently, several of the medications commonly used to treat asthma have come under [...]

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