How Healthy People Get Cancer


I know, you know someone who has succumbed to the devastation of heart disease or cancer. I also know that many of those people were considered Healthy. You know what I'm talking about... Someone you know gets a cancer diagnosis and your first thought is “How can that be? They're so healthy?” How could this [...]

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How to Predict Heart Attacks and Sudden Death


TV’s most likable dad died from sudden cardiac death last week. Alan Thicke’s massive heart attack was quick and unexpected and many of his closest friends have already come out saying there were no signs whatsoever. As tragic as this is, it’s equally upsetting to know the signs were likely present but no one was looking [...]

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Christmas: The Deadliest Days of The Year


Last week I discussed How to Recover From the Holidays. As I prepared for the article I came across some fascinating information regarding health and longevity. The New Year is just around the corner and if you’re like most folks, staying healthy is the last thing on your mind.  Rightfully so. The holidays are a [...]

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How To Clean & Detox Your Brain: The Amazing Glymphatic System


Have you ever heard that sleep quality is just as important if not more than quantity? Wonder why some people can operate on 4 hours of sleep while others need 8? While modern science still doesn’t know all of the molecular mechanisms behind the purpose of sleep, we do know that it’s a huge component [...]

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How I got Myself Sick in 28 Days


Over the last month I developed fatigue, mental fog, sleep disturbance, headaches, acid reflux, phlegm (gross), joint stiffness including neck and back pain and moodiness. I also measured an elevation of overall blood pressure, fasting glucose, and resting heart rate. All of these symptoms are completely out of the norm for me and the only [...]

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