Custom Orthotic Inserts

Do you experience foot, hip, or lower extremity pain? Your leg length or foot arches may be to blame and may affect more of your life than you know! We’ll correct your uneven legs or low arches with orthotics inserts and optional chiropractic adjustments.

Best Custom Orthotics Austin, TX

Approximately 94% of the population has unequal leg lengths and 30% have at least one flat foot. This imbalance can lead to poor posture, poor balance, clumsiness, sciatica, and pain in the feet, lower back, hips, ankles, or knees.

Whether you’re dealing with severe pain or mild discomfort or simply want to improve biomechanical function and overall health, we can help. Family Health Chiropractic provides the best custom orthotics Austin, TX has to offer. We’ll help you determine if you have uneven leg lengths and correct the problem before it takes over.

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Orthotics Inserts Benefits

Who are Orthotics Inserts Good For?

Adjustments and orthotics inserts are for YOU if you want or need any of the following:

  • Freedom from lower back, hip, ankle, or knee pain
  • Better balance and stability
  • More efficient walking and running technique
  • Improved posture
  • Overall alignment throughout your body
  • Ability to live your life fully, pain-free!

These Orthotics inserts benefits are just the beginning of what we offer. Check out the entire list of conditions we treat and services we offer.

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What are Orthotics Inserts?

Orthotic inserts for feet Orthotics Inserts are custom foot supports that are designed specifically for your feet. The goal of orthotic inserts for feet is the correction of imbalances in the height or shape of your foot.

While most providers of orthotics will only create the shoe inserts, Dr. Daniel at Family Health Chiropractic works to address the root cause of your pain and correct your uneven legs or low arches before or after providing orthotics inserts for flat feet, plantar fasciities, etc.,

Through custom orthotics inserts and a specialized, unique chiropractic adjustment treatment plan, we will correct your uneven legs or flat feet for good!

The adjustments and custom orthotic inserts we provide at Family Health Chiropractic improve the well-being of hundreds of our Austin, TX patients. Check out our reviews for proof!

How Does It Work at Family Health Chiropractic

Each one of our patients has come to realize the care we deliver in our office is UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT. Our methodical approach, personal relationships, and most importantly, outstanding results set us apart from most chiropractic and medical offices.

1. Identify The Root Cause

Understand Exactly What’s Happening

We’re here to give you the answers you’re looking for. Through our advanced diagnostic technology including digital posture analysis and X-ray exam, we can immediately identify the exact reason for any pain or impaired function you’re experiencing.

2. Plan For Your Unique Needs

Get Your Own Personalized Treatment Plan

We create a chiropractic adjustment care plan specific to your needs, and orthotics inserts that will fit your foot perfectly. We’re highly affordable, have flexible payment plans, and accept insurance so you can get the care you deserve.

3. Kickoff Treatment with an Immediate Adjustment

Experience Relief and Start Recovery On Day One

You can start receiving chiropractic adjustments from us the same day you walk in the door! With our same-day care, you’ll get relief and better health with NO prescriptions from day one.

4. Comprehensive Ongoing Assessments

Accelerate Your Treatment Through Periodic Refinement

From the very first session with us, we’ll evaluate your posture, movement patterns, leg length discrepancy, gait, and more. We want to know everything about your body’s structure and how you move so we can provide the best treatment. We continue to assess over time to monitor progress and adjust your treatment.

If you are wondering where to get a chiropractic adjustment in Austin, you won’t find a more dedicated and knowledgeable team.

5. Correction of the Underlying Issue

Experience Long-Term Relief and Functional Improvement

Chiropractic adjustments are here to remove barriers including pain and fatigue so you can live life how you want. Whether your goals are to increase longevity, become a better athlete, excel in your career, or finally live pain-free, we’re here for you.

Still not Convinced Custom Orthotic Inserts are for You?

You may be feeling any of these things:

Your concern: This is going to be too expensive!

Family Health Chiropractic is affordable and flexible with or without insurance! The health benefits of being adjusted FAR outweigh the cost of future medical bills and treatment down the road.

Your concern: I don’t have time for this…

Family Health Chiropractic will save you time in the long run through giving you back your health and more time living your life. We also have convenient, same-day adjusting. With our scheduling app and website, you can schedule same-day appointments that fit in your schedule perfectly.

Your concern: You probably can’t fix my problem.

Dr. Daniel at Family Health Chiropractic is experienced in treating hundreds of patients just like you. Check out our huge list of conditions we treat to see how we can address any issue you might be having.

Your concern: It’s going to be painful!

Dr. Daniel at Family Health Chiropractic is gentle and careful in treatment. While there may be some pain associated with your particular condition, we are always seeking a solution that will resolve the issue in the most comfortable way possible.

Your concern: Once we start, I’ll have to keep coming forever…

At Family Health Chiropractic, our goal is to enable you to live your own life and control your health. We don’t want you to be in treatment forever. We want you to be free to enjoy your body and your favorite activities pain-free!

We understand your concerns and we’re here to let you know that we have your back!

You WILL get the care you need and deserve at Family Health Chiropractic. And if you’re anything like our patients, you’ll experience reduced pain and improved function FAST. If you got here by searching for “best orthotics inserts near me,” and this is your first time here, check out our reviews. You’ll see that we truly do provide the best orthotics in Austin!

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It’s time you start living your life on your own terms. Family Health Chiropractic in Austin, TX is here to help, with the best custom orthotics, chiropractic adjustments, personalized care, and the health outcomes you’ve been waiting for.

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