How to Improve Spine Rotation (Thoracic Mobility)


Rotation is Important for Optimal Spine Movement A major benefit of getting weekly Chiropractic Adjustments is ensuring the efficient movement of each segment of your spine. Movement is one of the pillars of health and having the inability to rotate contributes to injury and pain. The spine is divided into 3 main sections: Your [...]

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Side Bending (Lateral Flexion) For Back Pain


Lateral Bending Can Help With Back Pain Over the last few weeks I've discussed low back spine extension and flexion exercises for back pain. While extension (back bending) is one of the best exercises you can do for low back pain, the reality is... all movements are important. As a general rule... you only want [...]

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Cat Cow Progressions For Optimal Spine Health


Spine Flexion and Extension Matter I cannot tell you how many times someone has told me their 'doctor' told them to not perform spine flexion or extension movements because they have a 'bad back'. This is just dumb advice. If you don’t know who Stuart McGill is, you should google him right now. The [...]

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Why I Don’t Get the Flu Shot


The push to get everyone vaccinated against influenza (or the flu) every year is here. That's right... Flupocalypse is in full swing and those nasty bugs are comin' to getcha! And every year... someone always asks me, "Why don't you get the flu shot?" Not only do flu vaccines include suspect ingredients, but the evidence shows that [...]

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Do you know WHY you feel the way you do?


I realize It's no secret that we are currently in an age of emotional unrest. There's drug addiction, alcoholism, violence in every corner, passive aggressiveness is on the rise (especially on social media) and the overuse and outright abuse of prescription drugs designed to numb our minds of emotional anguish and physical pain continue to [...]

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Chiropractic Helps with Sleep and Insomnia


The most important health habit you can work on that you're likely not, is Prioritizing Sleep. Sleep is a foundational requirement for good health, and sleep problems will nearly always contribute to illness and disease. If you're having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting deep, restorative sleep then it's likely you have a [...]

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How Healthy People Get Cancer


I know, you know someone who has succumbed to the devastation of heart disease or cancer. I also know that many of those people were considered Healthy. You know what I'm talking about... Someone you know gets a cancer diagnosis and your first thought is “How can that be? They're so healthy?” How could this [...]

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Health Cannot Be Bought, It Must Be Earned


Health is not something you can buy. It must be earned. And yes... you can earn it even if you're over 60. Over the weekend, I learned about a man, who at 74 years of age can perform high repetition snatch squats (see picture below). This is one of the most difficult athletic movements anyone [...]

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