How to Improve Spine Rotation (Thoracic Mobility)


Rotation is Important for Optimal Spine Movement A major benefit of getting weekly Chiropractic Adjustments is ensuring the efficient movement of each segment of your spine. Movement is one of the pillars of health and having the inability to rotate contributes to injury and pain. The spine is divided into 3 main sections: Your [...]

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Side Bending (Lateral Flexion) For Back Pain


Lateral Bending Can Help With Back Pain Over the last few weeks I've discussed low back spine extension and flexion exercises for back pain. While extension (back bending) is one of the best exercises you can do for low back pain, the reality is... all movements are important. As a general rule... you only want [...]

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Quadratus Lumborum & Low Back Pain


So many people suffer from lower back pain, on either side (or both sides) of the spine. For many of them... it's not the spine, but the Quadratus Lumborum muscle, also known as the QL muscle. In this article I hope to teach you more about the QL including symptoms, treatment and prevention. The Quadratus [...]

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Health Cannot Be Bought, It Must Be Earned


Health is not something you can buy. It must be earned. And yes... you can earn it even if you're over 60. Over the weekend, I learned about a man, who at 74 years of age can perform high repetition snatch squats (see picture below). This is one of the most difficult athletic movements anyone [...]

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Christmas: The Deadliest Days of The Year


Last week I discussed How to Recover From the Holidays. As I prepared for the article I came across some fascinating information regarding health and longevity. The New Year is just around the corner and if you’re like most folks, staying healthy is the last thing on your mind.  Rightfully so. The holidays are a [...]

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8 Sitting Positions That Save Your Spine


Every single one of you should already know about the harmful effects of sitting, but of course, some sitting is not optional. Whether you’re on a flight, driving to work, having dinner or the work environment doesn’t allow for a standing workstation – sitting is a part of our life. Did anyone ever teach you [...]

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4 Reasons Elite Athletes Get Adjusted!


Every elite athlete is concerned with keeping themselves in tip-top shape. These high performers know that it takes a combination of nutrition, recovery and work to excel in their sport, but these aren’t the only ways athletes stay in peak performance mode. Each year, a growing number are turning to chiropractic care including a vast [...]

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4 Reasons You Should Get Your Spine Checked Today!


Modern life does a great job at stressing out the human body. From processed foods and an ever growing list of chemicals, to sedentary lifestyles and abnormal body mechanics we are all exposed. So what can we do to keep our bodies from falling apart? Failing to address the importance of human structure and its [...]

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How I got Myself Sick in 28 Days


Over the last month I developed fatigue, mental fog, sleep disturbance, headaches, acid reflux, phlegm (gross), joint stiffness including neck and back pain and moodiness. I also measured an elevation of overall blood pressure, fasting glucose, and resting heart rate. All of these symptoms are completely out of the norm for me and the only [...]

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